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The 12 Days of Christmas Survival

How to look after your health and wellbeing in the run up to the festive season

Appreciate. Appreciation involves a complete shift in our thinking. Many positive psychologist believe it’s the most important and transformative way to improved our well-being.

  1. Studies into gratitude have found that people who focus on being grateful have greater life satisfaction. By focusing on the good things we have we can come to realise how great our lives are. Another experiment found that higher levels of gratitude led to a better quality of sleep quality and slept longer. Growing evidence shows that by taking time each day to acknowledge what we're grateful for can have a profound impact on our sense of wellbeing.

  2. To develop your own sense of appreciation, try looking for 3 things you are grateful for in your life right now and writing them down. They don’t need to be big things; maybe someone gave up their seat for you on the commute into work or you got something thoughtful in the post. All you need to do is recognise and remember the good things that are happening to you.

  3. For more information take a look at this YouTube clip by Mike Robbins

Write down what you are grateful for


Thank you for reading day 5 of the 12 days of Christmas Survival! If you’ve enjoyed this blog please share it and look out for day 6 tomorrow!


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