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Pilates is a low-impact form of exercise that strengthens muscles and improves posture, flexibility and balance. It is a full body form of exercise that focuses on strengthening the core and moving with the breath. 

I have taught Pilates since 2008 and recently qualified as an APPI instructor. This approach is designed by physiotherapists and focuses on Pilates for rehabilitation. The overall aim is to develop the deep, postural 'core' muscles that support the spine and can be used correct movement patterns. Pilates is great for strengthening the body to make it work more efficiently and prevent injury as well as being an effective method of rehabilitating muscular skeletal injuries. 

My classes are mat-based, so there is minimum equipment required. Small, portable pieces of equipment such as blocks, TheraBand, magic circles and soft or weight balls are often incorporated to add variety, fun and extra challenges. Pilates should be done in clothes that won't restrict your movement and either bare feet or socks with grips.  
Pilates works several muscles together to make sure they are working efficiently. In the APPI method we refer to these as muscle slings, tissues and muscles that work together to create pelvic stability and allow your body to work smoothly. 

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