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Clinical Training & Nutrition

Weight Management

There are a number of reasons why people want to lose weight. Many want to slim down, feel better about their appearance and improve their overall well-being. Others may want to lose weight to help reduce their risk of developing health problems that are linked to being overweight. 


Sadly, for many people getting to the optimum weight can be a struggle. You may find you are not able to follow a diet or have tried a quick weight loss diet plan just to find you regain the weight and more.  That is why I have devised this 10-week weight loss plan that will help you lose weight naturally and improve your health and wellbeing.


Do you need to lose weight? 


A healthy weight is classed as having a BMI between 18.5 - 25 . Use this NHS weight loss calculator to see if you need to lose weight.


If your BMI is over 25 then your health can really benefit for even a small amount of weight loss. Just a 5 -10% loss of your total body weight can lead to health benefits, including improving your blood pressure and cholesterol, and reducing your risk of diabetes. It can also help with joint pains, such a knee or back ache.


I am a weight loss nutritionist based in Hertfordshire, with an MSc in nutrition and many years experience of delivering weight loss programmes. I can advise you on nutrition guidelines to lose weight and the types of exercise you can do to keep the weight off. I have devised a  12-week plan that follows healthy eating guidelines, helping you to shed the pounds and regain your energy. This programme is not a prescriptive diet that will leave you feeling hungry. Instead it empowers you to create lasting, healthy eating habits and shows you how you can create delicious and filling food.  This fun and achievable exercise programme will help to accelerate your weight loss and keep the weight off for good. 

I have worked for Brentford FC community sports trust and devised and delivered a 12-week weight loss programme for them.

Get in touch and start your weight loss journey today!

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