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Cardiac Recovery & Rehabilitation Sessions

Helping You Recover from a Cardiac Event

Cardiac Rehab Baldock, Stevenage, Hertfordshire | Carol Clark PT

Cardiac rehab is an evidence-based form of exercise and education that aids recovery after an cardiac event. It is a vital part of long-term recovery. Research shows that cardiac rehab can reduce your risk of having another heart event, being readmitted to hospital as well as a positive impact on your wellbeing and quality of life. 


Cardiac rehab is suitable for people who have had; 

  • a heart attack  

  • a coronary angioplasty (balloon) and/or stent 

  • heart surgery including coronary artery bypass surgery, valve repair/replacement and adult congenital heart defects  

  • some people who have angina or heart failure 

  • some people who have an implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) inserted 

  • a cardiac arrest 

Exercise sessions  

Cardiac rehab consists of at least 12-weeks of structured exercise sessions tailored to each person’s individual need.  The programme is designed to safely return you to fitness and gradually build in strength and confidence. 


At the start and finish of your session, we will monitor your blood pressure. Typically, an exercise session involves a warm up, the main exercise component, which will be a mix of cardiovascular and strength training, and a cool down.  

The warm up lasts up to 15 minutes and prepares your heart for exercise by gently increasing your heart rate. This prepares your heart and the rest of the body for the exercise and reduces the risk of injury. 

During the main exercise component, we use a scale to measure the intensity you are working at. You will be able to exercise at a pace that feels right for you. This will benefit your heart health and will get you feeling slightly warmer than usual and you will be breathing harder than normal although you will be still able to hold a conversation.  

The cool down gradually brings your heart rate and breathing back down to its pre-exercise level. 

Exercises can be done in your own home, at my studio or via Zoom during lock-down restrictions.

If you are in the Baldock, Stevenage area of Hertfordshire, call Carol on 07929 008923 to see how she can help you or a family member.  

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