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5 Reasons why being active makes you feel good as well as look good

Why being active makes you feel good as well as look good

1. Managing stress

People who regularly exercise experience less stress and anxiety than inactive people. Physical activity may be a coping strategy and can reduce the physiological effects of stress such as muscle tension and high blood pressure.


2. Mental well-being

Regular physical activity can reduce your risk of becoming depressed. Not only does it protect you from depression but it can also be an effective treatment for depression.Studies have found it to be as effective as anti-depressant medication!

3. Feeling better about yourself Regular exercise can improve your body confidence, body image and sense of achievement. Studies have found it makes you feel happier and more satisfied with life, no matter your age, health or social standing

4. Social well-being

Exercising with other people can make be a whole lot of fun and build great relationships through shared experiences. Good social networks have been associated with greater well-being and lower risk of premature death.

5. Sleep

You know when you’ve had a good workout when you get a good night’s sleep! Exercise not only increases your sleep but it also improves the quality of sleep

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