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Carol Clark

Carol Clark – Clinical Exercise, Pilates and Personal Training

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Carol Clark (MSc, BSc)

Personal Trainer Stevenage, Ardeley, Hitchin

I am a fully trained clinical exercise specialist and have worked in the Fitness industry since 1998. The Sanctuary Spa in Covent Garden was where I started my career as a personal trainer while studying for a BSc in psychology and sports studies at Roehampton University. I am a firm believer in the benefits of exercise in a clinical setting and as a way of rehabilitation and am passionate about promoting a healthy lifestyle through physical activity and healthy eating. 

Since those early days, I’ve continued to learn new skills and gain qualifications and am a fully qualified Pilates instructor offering one-to-one, group and online courses for customers in Ardeley, Stevenage, Buntingford, Hitchin, Hertford and the local area. Pilates can be used as part of a rehabilitation programme to help strengthen muscles and build up the postural ‘core’ muscles and all classes are mat-based meaning no specialist equipment is needed.

Private Personal Training Stevenage, Ardeley, Hitchin

In addition to Pilates, I also offer a full range of personal training and clinical exercise programmes to help with a range of clinical conditions including heart conditions, high blood pressure, diabetes, mental health, back pain, weight loss, osteoporosis, pulmonary disease, arthritis, multiple sclerosis and cancer. Clinical exercise has been proven to have a huge range of benefits and it has been described as a ‘wonder drug’ when described by the Chief Medical Officer for England in 2010.

With the highest level of fitness trainer qualification (level 4) I am qualified to deliver a comprehensive personal training programme that is tailored to your goals. From weight training and running to circuit training and low-impact exercises, I can work with you to help you live a healthy and balanced lifestyle. And, thanks to my MSc in nutrition, exercise, and public health, I can provide you with some general guidelines on healthy eating as part of a weight management programme. 

Book onto one of the online training packages by clicking here or get in touch for more details by giving me a call today on 07929 008 923.


I am passionate about helping my clients live a healthy lifestyle and becoming the best version of themselves. Whether I am providing clinical exercises to help rehabilitation and recovery from illness, personal training for fitness gains or Pilates as a form of relaxation, all exercises are tailored to the individual needs of each client. 


In 2001 I combined these passions to work as an exercise therapist at a mental health NHS Trust, where I delivered tailored exercise programmes to people both in the community and in-patient settings.

In 2004 I set up a pioneering exercise referral scheme for mental health as part of Camden’s Active Health Team.  I also designed and delivered exercise programmes for people with cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, back pain, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, obesity and diabetes.

In 2006 I gained a master’s degree in Nutrition, Exercise and Public Health from the University of Bristol, the UK's number one centre for research and excellence within the field of physical activity, nutrition and health.
From 2008 I worked for NHS Kensington and Chelsea in Public Health as a Physical Activity Coordinator and delivered weight management courses in partnership with dieticians.

In 2010 I worked with two national cancer charities (Breast Cancer Care and Prostate Cancer UK) to promote physical activity to cancer survivors and created bespoke exercise programmes.

Since then I have worked for the charity Mind and have delivered personal training to people with disabilities. I currently work with a variety personal training clients and work with Brentford Football Club Community Trust to deliver weight management courses, wellbeing courses, Pilates and keep fit.

Academic Publications (nee O’Beney)
  • Jones, M. and O'Beney, C. (2004), “Promoting mental health through physical activity: examples from practice” Journal of Mental Health Promotion, 3(1), 39-47.

  • O’Beney, C (2005), “Physical Activity and Mental Health” NIMHE Mental Health Promotion Update, 4682, 17

Professional  Affiliations

Register of Exercise Professions Number: R0022836

British Association for Cardiovascular Prevention & Rehabilitation Number: 4952


In my spare time I enjoy keeping active through running, cycling, swimming

and kayaking. I have completed 12 marathons, with the best time of 3 hours 38 minutes

in 2015.


Carol is a registered exercise professional

Areas Covered

Based in Ardeley, Stevenage, Hertfordshire
Areas covered include:

SG2, SG9, SG4, SG1, SG6, SG7 ,SG14, SG11, SG12  SG15, SG3, SG8


Phone:    07929 008923

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